11/03 2 p.m. - Anemone Trail and burn area from Dome Wildfire remain closed

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks department (OSMP) has lifted some of the closures in western Boulder due to last week’s Dome wildfire. Wonderland Lake, Sanitas, Red Rocks and Settlers Park are now open.

However, the burn area itself and the Anemone trail will remain closed to the public, until otherwise announced, for ecological and safety reasons. This is a legal and temporary closure ordered by the City Manager, pursuant to her authority under Boulder Revised Code 8-3-3.

“Areas burned by wildfire present several hazards, including falling trees and rocks,” said Jean Koszalka, OSMP ranger. “Additionally, the landscape is in a fragile state. Staying out of the area will help it recover more quickly.”

A map of the affected area is attached to this release.

Entering a closed area will result in a citation, even if signs or markers are down. Rangers have expressed frustration that resources had to be diverted from fighting the Dome wildfire in order to enforce closures over the weekend. Eric Stone, division manager for Open Space and Mountain Parks, said several summonses were issued for people trespassing in prohibited areas during the firefighting efforts.

Yellow emergency tape used to close areas during an emergency should never be crossed, and all closure signs must be obeyed during and after a fire. OSMP and firefighters greatly appreciate the public’s cooperation in this important matter.