10/29 17:15 - Current Dome Fire Info

Dome Fire latest information (1700 hours/5 p.m., 29 Oct. 2010)

Evacuated areas:

  • Canyon Park Avenue
  • Sunshine Canyon Drive from 4th Street west to Poorman Road
  • 40511-40517 Boulder Canyon
  • Eagle Drive
  • 7 Hills
  • Granite Dr.
  • Timber Tr.
  • Green Rock
  • Willow Glen
  • Boulder Community Hospital complex at Maxwell and Mapleton streets (does not affect main hospital at N. Broadway).The City of Boulder ordered evacuations west of 7th Street between Canyon Boulevard and North Street
    Evacuation Site: Coors Events Center
    Evacuation Parking: Colorado Avenue and Discovery and they'll shuttle to the Event Center. Evacuees can drop off passengers at the south entrance of the Event Center
    139 residences in unincorporated Boulder County have been evacuated
    800 (approx) units in the City of Boulder (representing about 1,700 people) have been evacuated
    Coors Event Center: 33 showed up; 24 have remainedAcres burned: 134
    Firefighters on the job: 165
    Air Tankers: 2 and by the end of the day, they will work till dark and by the end of the day will have made 20-25 fire retardant drops.
    Firefighters are assigned to structure protection and direct attack of the fire.
    No structures lost
    No structures threatened
    No injuries reportedWeather (as of 1700 hours)
    Winds out of the southeast at 17-23 mph, with gusts to 35 mph through the night. Next media briefing: 2000 hours (29 Oct. 2010) at Boulder Reservoir